Tecnology promoting elderly health

With Cori, the family has greater security over the health of the chronic patient.

Through the app, all records are shared between caregivers and family members, who can follow the patient’s daily life anywhere. Medicines and vital values ​​such as pressure and temperature are also managed.

All of it at no cost for the patient or its family.


Start using right now! 


All health records are stored online

Family members have access to real-time records

Do not miss the right time to take the medicines


We offer a fast and secure way to record medical information through a smart and friendly platform. This allows for complete monitoring and continuous health assessment, bringing more quality of life for the patient and safety for their family.

No more notebooks to record everything

The follow up by Cori is very good, I have all the quick information and improved the communication with the caregivers

Luiz Carlos

Raymunda's son

We are a H2H (human to human) health company made up of young people who believe in the transformative power of innovation. We use the best of technology to promote health and well-being for those who need it most.

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